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Courtesy of NASA

Radiation Test and Analysis: Heavy Ion, Proton, Neutron, TID, and Prompt Dose

We provide a variety of services geared to evaluate device/system susceptibilities to ionizing radiation.

Development of customizable test vehicles and test plans:

  • Test vehicles are created to enhance radiation data abstraction and reliability.

  • Test vehicles are of superior quality due to their ability to mimic full system operation for the target device under test (DUT).

  • Test vehicles are designed using strict design rules regarding: synchronous behavior, clock domain crossings, metastability, DUT signal monitoring, DUT signal capture, signal integrity, and complex data reporting.

  • Radiation test facility nuances are taken into account for test vehicle and test plan development.

  • Test vehicles can be created to evaluate a variety of DUTs for their susceptibility to ionization.  The following are examples of DUTs:

    • Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs – SRAM, flash, and anti-fuse)

    • Memories (SRAM, SDRAM, DRAM, DDRn, MRAM, reRAM, etc.)

    • Analog to digital converters (ADCs – serial or parallel)

    • Sensors

    • Microprocessors

    • ASICs

    • Oscillators

Creation of DUT hardware:

  • Custom daughter boards are populated with the DUT .  They strategically interface to the customized test vehicle (Mother board).

  • Board interfaces use top grade, reliable connectors that are capable of high frequency data transmission (serial and parallel).

  • DUT boards are robustly designed to withstand a variety of radiation particle exposures (neutron, proton, heavy ion, strategic dose, and total ionizing dose) with minimal complication or damage from alternate populated components.

Development of FPGA DUT designs:

  • We have the ability to implement designs specific to customer DUT application.

  • DUT designs can range from common/simple shift registers to complex system on a chip (SoC) implementations.  SoC’s can contain elements such as microprocessors, analog components, and other complex intellectual property (IP).

Management and evaluation of Radiation test data:

  • Data are organized and analyzed to fit our customers' needs.

  • Evaluation includes: error rate prediction, system reliable and survivability prediction, and potential error signatures.

We are able to provide superior data analysis because of our robust test vehicles and their detailed reporting of DUT ionization responses

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