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Capabilities Statement

Radiation Test and Analysis:

Test plan development,

Device Under Test (DUT) hardware and software development,

Tester hardware and software development (includes complex controls and DUT monitoring),

Test facility assistance,

Test data analysis,

Error rate and reliability prediction,

Fault injection services


Design and verification services (ASIC and FPGA),

Reliability analysis,

Mitigation strategies (Trust/security and radiation effects),

Design review implementation, data management, and analysis,

Advanced assurance techniques,

Hardware cybersecurity,

Trusted and assured design practices,

Seminars and training,

FPGA/ASIC Assurance and IV&V: advanced assurance techniques for critical applications:

Increased reliability,

Front-end through back-end IV&V,

IV&V vetting,

Full product design review and analysis,

Radiation testing and mitigation evaluation,

Evaluation of implemented security features,

Information flow tracking,

IP core vetting,

Trojan detection,

Side channel analysis

FPGA/ASIC Design Services:

Design for Reliability:

Synchronous design,

Clock domain management,

Signal integrity,

System on a chip (SOC) complexity management

Design for Verification:

Insertion of embedded circuits designed to assist in verification

Design for Testability:

Insertion of embedded circuits designed to assist in post-fab testing

Design for Security:

Usage of embedded security features,

Insertion of security features,

Assertion based secure design,

Creation of novel security features focused on device type

Design for Space:

Usage of embedded mitigation,

Insertion of mitigation,

Creation of novel mitigation strategies focused on device type



Microelectronics Trust and Assurance (Hardware Cybersecurity):

IP core development,

IP core vetting/assurance, 

Design for security strategies (can include radiation mitigation strategies),

Security assurance (through environmental ionization/degradation and adversarial attacks),

Review services,

Fault injection activity


Use of artificial intelligence to evaluate mitigation (cyber and radiation) resilience,

Development of mitigation assurance electronic design tools

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